Hair texture powders are the latest sensations in the hair care industry. They are secret doorways to amazingly thick and fuller hair and thus add sex appeal to women & men globally.

Described by some as a "magical powder"- looks like baby powder but creates crazy volume and texture!

How Does It Work: Hair powders are meant to give you volume and texture. They generally come in small shaker bottles, and the product itself is fine, light-weight and white in color. A small amount goes a long way in the volume department.

Hair powder contains silica silylate that's responsible for the products' effect. It gives a matte finish look and will help 'bulk up' the hair by increasing friction between hair strands.

Randy Schueller, a cosmetic chemist and editor-in-chief of The Beauty Brains mentioned that the various chemicals in the powder all interact to absorb moisture, which means it'll get rid of excess oil, contributing to the volumizing effect.

Reasons to love Hair Powder!

• It provides incredible volume. If your style is starting to fall a bit flat, all you have to do is give it a quick tousle and it immediately bounces back to life.

• Once you get the hang of the application technique, it's a versatile product, and you only need very small amounts.

• It generally doesn't have a fragrance, unlike hair sprays or other hair products that can sometimes be overpowering.

• Small enough to carry around with you for touch-ups.




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